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Original French Ratatouille from Jolanda

By: Jolanda van delicious.yo

Many years ago in France I ate the most delicious ratatouille ever… The secret seemed to be to stew the dish as long as possible. At least four hours… I never gave myself time to try it this way, but recently I did. It resulted in a beautiful tasty dish! Only pure ingredients and a portion of patience…. By far one of our favorite veggie dishes now

See the recipe more below. I used the last three hours of stewing the ecofriendly @ecostoof. It worked amazingly well. Have a lovely day!


You need a large casserole (braadpan) . 400 gr baby potatoes, 300 gr onions, 5 garlic cloves, 2 bell peppers , 1 large zucchini, 1 large aubergine, 500 gr beef tomatoes (vlees tomaten), 5 tbsp olive oil, 100 gr olives (for about 25), 1 tbsp dried oregano, salt and fresh pepper.

Halve the baby potatoes and garlic cloves Slice or chop all vegetables. Start to fill a good casserole with 4 tbsp olive oil. Then fill with all the potatoes, half of the portion tomatoes and onions. Then all the zucchini and the aubergine and 5 halved garlic cloves. Then again the other half of the onions, half of the olives and all the bell peppers. At the end the other half of the tomatoes, garlic cloves and olives. Sprinkle the dish with the oregano and a little salt. Pour out the last tbsp olive oil. The olives are important for seasoning this dish, so don’t use to much salt! Finally heat the casserole real slowly and take the maximum time to stew it. The best is to prepare it a day before. Season to taste with some pepper. Lovely to eat pure or with a nice bread

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